AI Designer Pro

AI Designer Pro

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The ultimate AI system and combat kit for Unity. Craft complicated AI without even using a line of code, isn’t that amazing? creating an AI can be really painful but we have got you covered. With some clicks, your folks, wildlife, vehicles, zombies, etc instantly return alive!

What are you able to make? Combat agents (simple/light, or advanced), flying units, racing AI, RTS units, military science AI, companions, advanced life, birds that flock, and more! One AI tool to find out for all of your projects! Use AI Designer over and over, for any game, genre, AI need.

Key Features:

  • Visual Behavior Editors – no coding!
  • One-Click AI Setup from the menu
  • simple integration w/ alternative assets
  • First Person Shooter demo w/ Controllers
  • loads of demo scenes
  • Combat System (Melee/Ranged)
  • Complete Health System + motorcar Heal
  • Armor & Shields + motorcar recharge
  • Object Pooling System (modular)
  • Advanced Weapons System
  • A* Pathfinding (Integrated w/ NavMesh)
  • easy or Advanced pathfinding choices
  • Advanced AI Move Controller
  • Goals & desires
  • inbuilt Dialogue System
  • A.I. feeling & Feelings
  • inbuilt military science Behaviors
  • Unlimited Factions
  • Supports athletics & Flying
  • Visual path editor for patrol ways
  • Procedural Animation liquidizer
  • Footsteps Manager
  • Mobile-ready
  • Editor extension is precompiled optimized DLL for speed
  • third Party Ready:UFPS, Invector TPC, +more
  • Extend with API & Scripts

AI Designer Pro Simulate Daily Life: over combat AI! The goals/needs system helps you to produce NPCs with unlimited custom goals and unlimited actions, all while not code. every NPC’s desires are managed mechanically within the background – you simply set the rates and the way typically needs arise.
Examples: Animals: (Needs) Hunger & Thirst. (Actions) Hunt objects labelled as “food” or notice the nearest water once thirst levels reached. town dwellers: (Need) Daily jobs/head to workplace. (Action) notice path to the edifice. Peasants: (Need) Chop trees. (Actions) notice near the tree, move to it, play effects till want for wood decreases. Flag Carrier: (Need) Capture enemy flag. (Action) notice enemy flag object & move to that.

Visual written material All AI agents have their own behaviour editor right within the Unity Inspector, alongside all of your alternative elements. Use this editor to make complicated behaviour, all while not committal to writing. Waypoints, patrol ways, cowl spots, and additional will merely be drag/dropped around your scene!

Essential military science Behaviors: fly, wander, patrol, take cover, decision backup, and more. All built-in! you simply tweak some settings.

Targeting Strategies: Agents will order targets (e.g. decide enemies with the lowest health, decide enemies with highest priority rating, etc)

Companion Behaviors: inbuilt companion skills will follow and shield your human players as companions, assaultive enemies on the manner. excellent for RPGs!

Emotions & Dynamic Dialogue: The inbuilt dialogue system lets AI dynamically decide responses betting on their feelings towards the player, plagued by the player’s actions. (e.g. if the player steals from the AI, it’ll trigger negative speech). Supports multiplayer responses! (your players will choose reply decisions that in-turn have an effect on however AI replies)

Combat & Weapons inbuilt weapons system supports projectile-based weapons, hit-scan crack shot weapons, battle royal weapons, and area-damage weapons like grenades.

What’s within the AI Designer Pro Box?

  • The AI Designer Pro system
  • Visual editor tools
  • independent agency team vs zombies demo (Playable)
  • several demo scenes (sword battle, shooters, racing, dialogue, and more!)
  • predetermined Templates for several AI varieties (wildlife, combat, vehicle, etc)
  • several example bots to drop into the scene (just swap model & anims)
  • Sample integration scripts
  • Special Camera System (AI POV, spectator, follow, etc)
  • Free pre-made prefabs and assets for quick prototyping
  • Special procedural animation homogenised Zombie setup
  • ninety page PDF User Manual (and growing)

How Will It Work?
1) Use our one-click menu to auto-setup AI on any model.
2) Use the straightforward visual editor to make actions while not code. merely set your conditions (e.g. “If the target is inside 15-35 range…”) and set the actions to play (e.g., “run to cover”).
3)Use the special Effects-Builder (again, while not code!) to form runtime effects like physics forces, spawn particles, play animations and random sounds, and more. This ties in along with your AI behaviour to simply generate special effects! (e.g., spawn dirt at feet once running to cover)

How to AI Designer Pro Integrate?
Integration is simple! you’ll either use the inbuilt harm sender part with the health system (works with human player prefabs too) or use your own custom harm operate that may be triggered by the system. If you’re employing a Third-party visual scripting tool, merely use that tool’s operating decision to call one function: TakeDamage (amount)

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

Check out the details from the Know more

Now download AI Designer Pro FREE Unity

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