Candy Farm Complete Project

Candy Farm Complete Project

Download Candy Farm Complete Project Free Unity

A simple story, Candy Farm is the game included in the harvesters, the candies and the candy producing. You will play the role of a harvester to make and pack the sweet candy.

Complete Game Natural selection:

it is not necessary to work to harvest, just need a soft touch to the same colour of candies which is lied side by side

(note: need to have at least 3 same colour candies)

Quickly harvest

The play rule is as easy as the game:” nonstop touching”. However, you need to produce and make a connection as much as possible.


The support items consist of time and double score. Use your gold to buy them.

Colourful images, the interesting sound will stimulate you to play the game.

Community connection

You can share with the social network such as leaderboard; facebook

No limitation with the ages, you can connect tho the communities strongly, why don’t you try?
Candy Farm Features

For an easy reskin, documentation includes this information:
How to build source code (build android, ios)
How to used free gold
How to reskin sound and image
How to set up the levels? Mission
How to integrate Admob, Vungle, Tapjoy

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