Cartoon FX Remaster

Cartoon FX Remaster

Download Now Cartoon FX Remaster For Free

Cartoon FX Remaster is a collection of stylized particle system prefabs. You can even easily customize each effect color and other properties using the included “Cartoon FX Easy Editor

Cartoon FX Remaster is the new version of Cartoon FX Pack 1, with brand new effects remade from scratch.

50+ high quality stylized special effects prefabs! (+ dozens variants)

Includes lots of general purpose effects: explosions, smoke, fire, water splashes, magic, electricity, fireworks, …

Works on both mobile and desktop/consoles
Works in 2D and 3D
Works with the built-in and URP (2D & Forward Renderers) pipelines
Optimized custom shader with lots of effects (UV distortion, dissolve, shadows…)
Camera shake and animated lights, with in-Scene View preview
HDR effects that play nicely with bloom post processing
Customizable cartoon text effects
Includes Cartoon FX Easy Editor to create color and other variations in a few clicks
Overdraw/fill-rate optimizations using custom particle meshes

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

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