Ekume Engine 2D + Complete Platformer

Ekume Engine 2D + Complete Platformer Game

Make superb 2d games with plugins, elements and while not programming skills!.
Save time with the elements and plugins provided by EE2D, this can be the simplest thanks to creating games simple, quick and multiplatform.

It includes a whole platformer game of example with five worlds, 50 levels, character look, weapon look, vesture look, power upgrading and power look, world choice and level selection. With an enormous amount of gorgeous and exclusive game art by ekume engine 2d that you simply will use for your game.

Here are some options for EE2D:

Score varieties manager: permits you to make score types like Points, Coins, Stars or the kinds you would like for your game.

This plugin has some elements that you simply will use to extend and show the created scores, to indicate the simplest score, this score within the level, the accumulated amount (For coins, for example), or perhaps to change objects relying of the number of the score you have got with some score sort, for instance with the stars.

Now Download Ekume Engine 2D + Complete Platformer Game Free Unity

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