Farm Business Version 2

Farm Business Version 2

Download Farm Business Version 2 FREE Unity

If you’re an exponent of the simulation genre, you shouldn’t miss this game; Or if you had a version of Farm Bussiness one, let’s upgrade the lot of fifty levels.

Is there something special on this new version?

Graphics are revived and have a lot of enticing pictures.
50 upgrade levels
Upgrade the degree of problem in every level.
Open a lot of the searching centres
Features and needs
You could obtain the merchandise at the market with the out there things to serve your business and demand.
To attractiveness a lot of customers, you only visit the house…you can buy your merchandise like select the leaflets connected to the merchandise for purchasers, select the shape of tv advertisement; choose the advertisement of the web, radio…
2 researching market consultants will seem within the building in each level: marketing research ( this may assist you to grasp the merchandise required to be turned out in every mission)
Don’t forget the lucky rotate named lottery which can be turned each Sunday
Upgrade a lot of Achievements
Visit the Technology building to upgrade your farm once it’s necessary
Connect and Share

Connect and share through Facebook
Integrate the advertisements simply.
Integrate IAP simply.

Now download Farm Business Version 2 FREE Unity

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