Ferr2D Terrain Tool

Ferr2D Terrain Tool

Download Ferr2D Terrain Tool FREE Unity

Ferr2D is terrain Tool that allows you to quickly create beautiful handcrafted 2D/2.5D landscapes and levels!

Version 2.0 simply released! a lot of nice new features!

No inserting a lot of ground sprites, no manually tweaking piles of accelerator objects, and positively not guaranteed to a grid! simply choose a piece of land material, and draw a path. Edges switch texture mechanically, and colliders produce themselves!

-Path primarily based style for fast development and iteration!
-An easy-to-use path editor that enables for extreme control!
-4 motorcar edges, and extra edges through edge overrides!
-Flexible settings: create interiors, exteriors, plants, pipes!
-Smart snapping, world snapping, relative snapping. Snip snap!
-Wavy shaders for grass, leaves, and alternative effects!
-Fast per-pixel and per-vertex 2nd lighting shaders!
-Optimized with mobile performance in mind!
-2D or 3D colliders, thus you’ll be able to collide but you like!
-Collider corner settings for each occasion!
-Separate physics materials for various edges!
-Custom editors for fast creation of a piece of land materials!

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

Now download Ferr2D Terrain Tool FREE Unity

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