Hack and Slash – RPG KIT

Hack’n’Slash RPG KIT

Download Now Hack and Slash – RPG KIT For Free

Have you ever imagined of making your own easy RPG-game? This kit permits you to simply produce cool Hack’n’Slash (top-down) games.

There is everything you will want for this:

• straightforward menu system

• Player controller and top-down camera systems

• Universal input system

• straightforward AI and path-finding systems (2 types)

• straightforward pickups and Objects pool systems

• System for doors, chests and traps creation

• Waypoint system

• easy culling and animation systems

• Short messages system (that will be used for monologues, for instance)
• etc

Cool DEMO included!
It helps you to grasp the important power of this kit and the way to use it!

This kit works on all platforms supported by Unity.

Download Now Hack and Slash – RPG KIT KIT For Free

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