Infinite Runner Starter Pack Pro

Infinite Runner Starter Pack Pro

This ultimate package is by far the best feature-complete toolkit for any game among the endless runner genre. it’s designed to simply incorporate your own look simply by swapping out prefabs. Scripts are written in C# and are optimized/well commented. Works with each the free & Pro version of Unity. Unity 5 is absolutely supported.

– Mobile friendly
– bit/measuring system controls
– Infinite object generation
– Object pooling
– elective chase object
– Obstacles
– Power-ups
– Coins and secondary coins
– Attacks
– look rules and possibilities
– Object sections
– Track turns, curves, and crossroads
– Track height variations and jumps
– three slot track system or free movement
– Scene objects
– Revivals
– Store and Missions
– Legacy/Mecanim animation support
– weakening curve vertex transformation shader
– facet Scroller
– Custom audio
– beginning tutorial
– Coin assortment Animation
– Complete set of GUI screens
– NGUI and uGUI support
– Game Center integration
– Facebook and Twitter links

Now Download Infinite Runner Starter Pack Pro Free Unity.

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