Mobile Lighting Box NextGen Mobile Lighting

Mobile Lighting Box NextGen Mobile Lighting

Download Mobile Lighting Box Free Unity

Works well on Unity 5, Unity 2017, Unity 2018 and Unity 2019

The fastest way to reach a high level of mobile visuals inside unity.

Mobile Lighting Box has designed to make it possible to bring Nextgen graphics into mobile devices even from most low-end devices with Mali400 gpus

Also, there are a lot of videos about learning how to enhance your graphics and lightmapping skills

Don’t worry about performance. Lighting Box effects are very optimized. Also, you can easily just drag In-Game settings menu prefab into your scene to let your players toggle effects on or off to get the best performance

Visuals/Graphics :
– ACES Filmic Tonemapping + Color grading
– Next-gen game style tone mapping and colour grading with low-performance cost and compatible with all mobile phones even most low-end devices
– Control over Contrast, Exposure, Gamma and colour balance in realtime (you don’t need lut or photoshop)
– Optimized vignette effect
– Sun shaft effect with the best quality per performance settings
– Automatic easy to use fog settings adjustment
– A lot of shaders for mobiles

– Save load settings into profiles
– Lighting triggers for switching to a new profile during gameplay
– All in one window for whole scene settings related to lighting and optimization

– Batch Material converter to convert all default materials into optimized ones
– Batch texture importer to reduce final build size with just a few clicks (up to ~50% optimizing)

Check out the details and Price on Unity Asset Store: Know more

Now download Mobile Lighting Box NextGen Mobile Lighting FREE Unity

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