PlayerPrefs Elite

PlayerPrefs Elite

Download PlayerPrefs Elite Free Unity

Speed up your development method with PlayerPrefs Elite!
Protect your game from cheating and modification for things, levels, high scores or one thing else. No got to code for reading states, edit or delete your Player Prefs values in real-time through PlayerPrefs Elite visual editor.

Very straightforward to use. Anti-cheat answer for all platforms.

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Setup scene | Anti-cheat in-game take a look at

PlayerPrefs Elite has associate degree inherent Secure Keys Manager that keeps your secure keys within the scene and Visual PlayerPrefs Editor: a straightforward and user-friendly tool for writing, saving, deleting and changing player preferences live or Edit mode in real-time, victimization Unity Editor.

PlayerPrefs Elite could be a lean, quick and chic player preferences anti-hack protection, writing and visualising tool for Unity Editor on mack OS X and Windows with a straightforward learning curve.

Hopefully, you’ll realize it straightforward enough to use and learn (even if you’re new Unity), easy and unlittered enough to not be annoying, fast and economical enough to be a pleasure to use, and powerful enough to impress you!

• shield PlayerPrefs knowledge from cheating and modifications
• observe changed values on the fly
• Realtime PlayerPrefs visual editor
• Secure Keys Manager
• Unlimited secure keys
• Store arrays in PlayerPrefs (Builtin arrays, ArrayList, Array)
• Store vectors in PlayerPrefs (Vector2, Vector3, Vector4)
• Store Boolean in PlayerPrefs
• cryptography and decoding options
• Supports Unity & Unity professional (works with Unity three, four & Unity 5!)
• Complete User Guide with script examples
• Support Linux Unity Editor

• iOS
• Android
• Windows
• Mac OS X
• Windows Phone eight
• Windows Store (Metro)
• BlackBerry
• Unity net Player
• Linux

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: know more

Now Download PlayerPrefs Elite Free Unity

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