Road Crossing Game Template

Road Crossing Game Template

Download Road Crossing Game Template Free Unity

Road Crossing Game is o doubt the top-rated and a full Unity guide prepared for unharness. it’s compatible with mobile likewise as standalone and web player. it’s similar in genre to classic arcade games, likewise as modern infinite runners.

How to Play?

Use the keyboard arrows or the mouse to maneuver around, collect coins and avoid being killed by the various deadly obstacles. you’ll be able to additionally play the sport on mobile and consoles.

Available in each C# and JS

The sounds are courtesy of the free sound project.

Intro music is high-spiritedness by Incompitech

Credits attend these authors for his or her nice sound samples: mattj99, anechoix, joelaudio, tramppa34, fenrirfangs, zerolagtime, atomwrath, jc144940

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Now download Road Crossing Game Template FREE Unity

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