Scream Chicken Jump

Scream Chicken Jump

Download Now Scream Chicken Jump For Free

Scream Chicken Jump Starter Kit is a template starter kit for building a simple high-score competition never ending game.

Use your voice to control the Player!
Mobile Ready.
Compatible with Unity 5.*

How to Play?

Talk to let the chicken walk
Scream to let the chicken jump

Game includes :

  • Menu Logic
    Start Menu
    Pause Menu
    Game Hud
  • Game Logic :
    Spawner to spawn the Platform-tiles
    Record Microphone


  • Leaderboard (Google Play, GameCenter) – Complete game play
  • Unity5 compatible
  • C# commented code
  • Use 2d Sprite system for the UI
  • Use 2d Physics Collision
  • 2d Enviroment
  • iOS and Android support ( tested on iPhone 5, 6, Samsung S4, S5 )

Runs without any other 3rd party tools.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

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Download Now Scream Chicken Jump For Free

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