Scream Ninja

Scream Ninja

Download Scream Ninja Free Unity

The first play with the sound game pack or template. The game flow looks simple yet attractive, Playing game is quite tough and the most exciting thing is to make character ( Ninja ) move. Make character move and mount to platforms by creating sounds. You need to control the ninja along with your screams!!

Amongst high trending games on Appstore.

Use Soft voice to move the character ( Ninja )
Use Loud voice/whistle/scream to create the ninja jump and management it with voices to land on the platform and score a degree.
Make sure you create the ninja jump extremely high by creating a loud voice/whistle/scream and management the movement to land.
Make sure you don’t disturb you, neighbours, by creating crazy sounds.

Admob Banner Ads
Admob Interstitials
Vungle Ads
Google Play Leaderboard
Rating Feature
Ready to deploy on Android

Everything Comes put in with the project.
Complete Documentation enclosed (step by step guide, extremely easy!), simply reskin if you would like or use the guide for one more game you want to create for yourself.

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