Space Shooter Starter Kit

Space Shooter Starter Kit

Download Space Shooter Starter Kit Free Unity

Space Shooter Starter Kit is o doubt the most addictive straightforward to customise a package that’s a good start line for making a funhouse shooter game. Levels are often adjusted to last for a collection quantity of destroyed asteroids or till the player has been defeated.

• Mobile bit Game*
• bit and Mouse gameplay mechanics
• Powerups – Score Counter – UFO’s
• Automatically adjusts to any screen size
• Sound Controller
• Vertex coloured models – Low memory usage
• Asteroids breaking into pieces**
• straightforward code – Well commented
• Works on Unity and Unity professional

*Tested swimmingly on automaton Samsung Galaxy Tab™ two ten.1
**Small fragments may be a single particle system generating one draw decision

• Everything in Demo (Music not included)
• 3D text alphabet and models
• Mobile Vertex shaders
• Sound samples from pack Retro Sound Effects
• Particle FX samples from pack FX Mega Pack

Compatible with Unity five.1 up to new versions of Unity(2019+)
Support obtainable for help if any issues ought to occur.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more.

Now Download Space Shooter Starter Kit Free Unity

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