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Spine Gunman

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The gunman is rigged utilizing IK to change the head and middle or torso while pointing(aiming) weapons. All the animations are supported essential platformer running and bouncing, just as for flying with a jetpack. The gunman has four weapons, each with one of a kind liveliness to shoot, reload, and switch weapons. The weapons animations are consolidated by applying them on various tracks.

The Unity venture integrates the Spine Gunman animations with a character controller that is coordinated with Unity’s material science. This acknowledges contribution from the player and plays the movements at the right occasions, bringing about the technicians anticipated from a platformer jetpack game.

Activity list

– Idle

– Walk

– Run

– Jump

– Fall

– Edge balance

– Wall slide

– Slide

– Three punch combo

– Uppercut assault

– Slam assault

Solidarity 5 task

– Platformer character controller

– Platformer development

– Air hop
– Wall slide and divider hop

– Head step adversaries

– Slam and numerous punch assaults

– Supports console, gamepad, InControl, and Rewired

– Slow movement

– Platform types

– One way

– Fall through

– Moving

– Treadmill

– Special impacts

– Movement dust

– Attack impacts

– Ghosting

– Sound administration framework

– Manages sound sources

– Pitch moving for moderate movement

Sounds by Universal Sound FX

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