Tower Defense 2D

Tower Defense 2D

Download Tower Defense 2D FREE Unity

Hi Everyone!

Meet the new game engine for the classic 2nd tower defense game. it’s designed to be straightforward perceive and doesn’t need third-party assets.
This simple scripts kit helps you to begin your own game development and should be used as a game example also.

This complete trending and most requested Tower Defense 2D pack, going to help you step by step developed and gain new practicality.
Your feedback and suggestions can have an enormous influence on the progress of our work.

Tested on numerous golem phones.
This unique Tower Defense 2D includes:
– covered map editor window;
– Levels editor window;
– Units and towers editor window;
– Main menu scene;
– Level selecting scene;
– 3 level scenes;
– UI for levels;
– Original AI Behavior model;
– Prefabs for five towers, three levels each;
– Prefabs for three defenders;
– Prefabs for seven enemies with disturbance and ranged attack;
– Prefab for the flying enemy;
– Prefab for pathway with enemies waves generation;
– Enemy waves visual timer;
– more information on unit click;
– Game progress motorcar saving and loading;
– Camera motorcar scaling and camera moving;
– Spells (UI action icons)
– Tower’s active skills;
– Audio Manager and volume setting in-game menu;
– different scripts for the game logic organization.

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