VR Weapon Interactor

VR Weapon Interactor

Download VR Weapon Interactor FREE Unity

Newest features:

-SteamVR two support –FinalIK Hand Poser editor -included all twenty-two Chamferzone weapons, excluding the models pre-setup (Check the video for reference).
-Added Inventory system
-Added full attachment system

Requires SteamVR and/or sensory receptor Integration packages

Included during this package are all the scripts required to create a handgun, automatic rifle, firearm or rifle able to shoot, all the editor scripts to setup and customise your own weapon with sounds and effects, Associate in Nursing example scene with shootable targets and a completely setup example weapon together with a setup guide for reference once putting in your own weapon.

Please email Pine Tree State if you discover a bug or one thing doesn’t do what you expected.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

Now download VR Weapon Interactor FREE Unity

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