World Map 2D Edition

World Map 2D Edition

Download World Map 2D Edition FREE unity

World Map 2D Edition adds to your scene an attractive, customizable and interactive 2D political map with simply some of the clicks. Drag the map prefab to your scene and customise the planning & feel.

Key Features:

  • Procedurally attracts the frontiers of 241 countries, 4112 provinces and states, and therefore the location of the 7144 most inhabited cities within the world!
  • absolutely interactive map: zoom, pan, select, regions of states, provinces/states and cities highlight as you pass the mouse over them.
  • Viewport rendering targets (supports cropping, see video below for a demo)
  • Supports Perspective and writing projections
  • Add markers and line animations over any country, province, town or custom location victimisation latitude/longitude
  • are often instantiated and controlled by code (API and documentation provided).

World Map 2D Edition Custom editor inspector with four additional awing components:

  • Calculator: unit convertor from lat/lon to sex chromosome coordinates and town distance calculator.
  • Tickers: scrolling, blinking and weakening messages.
  • Decorator: customise countries look (colors, textures, labels).
  • Map Editor: build the map you would like from within the Unity Editor with advanced tools (create/modify/reshape/merge countries, provinces, cities…)

Additional Features:

– 3 sorts of cities, as well as country and region capitals.
– mechanically attracts country labels with placement choices.
– colourise countries, provinces/states or entire continents!
– Per country texture support!
– notice and fly swimmingly to any country, state or town by its name from the current position. additionally, locate/fly to any location within the map by latitude/longitude.
– Mount Points: add your custom strategic locations from the Editor and find/navigate/position objects on them simply.
– 2 levels of details for frontiers at a hundred and ten.00.000:1 and thirty.000.000:1 scale.
– unreal lines: draw latitude, line of longitude and indicator lines.
– various customization options: frontiers colours, highlight colour, visibility of cities/frontiers/Earth, labels, …
– eight Earth designs from light-weight styles to advanced styles as well as Scenic shaders (clouds + relief effects) and high-resolution textures up to 16K with custom shaders.
– No net access required! Geographic information enclosed within the plus, that doesn’t use Google Maps nor the other map supplier. Makes it in no time and works offline!

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store: Know more

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